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China Approves Italian Drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosi

Teglutik, the only oral suspension for the treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, developed and patented by Italfarmaco , has been approved for the Chinese market by the Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China.

In patients with swallowing or enteral feeding disorders, such as those with ALS, adherence to treatment is often compromised due to the worsening of the disease, for this reason Teglutik, the first and only thickened liquid riluzole for ALS, easy to treat. swallowing is particularly suitable for solving this problem.

This approval marks an important step forward in the treatment of ALS and follows that of the European and American FDA. 

Teglutik is a therapeutic option designed to overcome the challenges of disease-related dysphagia and is a decisive step forward for the many physicians, caregivers and people with ALS who have relied on riluzole as a standard of therapy to slow progression for 20 years. of this devastating disease Teglutik, oral suspension, avoids the need to manipulate the tablets by patients or their carers, facilitating administration, in this way it is also possible a more accurate dosage and greater patient compliance.

Teglutik, developed and patented by Italfarmaco, the result of years of research by Research & Development, represents a very significant progress for the treatment of this disease. Italfarmaco is pleased to offer this new therapeutic option to ALS patients in China.

China joins the numerous countries in which Teglutik is already present: sold directly in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordics and distributed in the USA, UK, Australia, Argentina, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh.

From: 15 Jun 2022 - Tecnomedicina


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