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Computer chip shortages and new lockdowns in China caused Mercedes-Benz sales to drop sharply in the second quarter.

From April to June 202, the automaker delivered 490,000 fewer passenger cars, or 16% less than the previous year, Mercedes-Benz announced Monday.

Lack of spare parts and transportation problems, slowed production and deliveries. "Customer demand remains high in all regions," added a representative of the group. Luxury models such as the Maybach and EQ series electric cars were particularly in demand. The small business van segment remained just below the previous year's level in terms of sales, with 100,000 units sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2022. Production of models such as the Sprinter, Vito and V-Class has also affected by the chronic shortage of semiconductors. (ICE BERLIN)

Source: ItailanTradeAgency


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