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GVS Group buys a Shanghai Company

The deal

The accession, according to a press release from the Bolognese company active in the force of advanced filtration results for largely critical operations," represents a unique strategic occasion to completely enter the Chinese healthcare request, with the possibility of achieving solidarity in the marketable field, artificial and brand". The dealer has granted Stt a loan of roughly RMB 70 million(roughly€ 10 million), which will be repaid after the ending, to finance somepre-closing payments and to give the company with acceptable working capital.

The enterprise value of the deal evaluates Stt about14.7 times the EBITDA.

The company card

Stt operates in the blood treatment request, whose main guests are blood centers and hospitals. It's a company specializing in the exploration and development, product and trade of products related to blood treatment (eg, tube sterilization, leukodepletion pollutants and blood transfusion bags, medicines and accessories).

Stt's business focuses solely on the domestic request and the affiliated conditioning are carried out at the product point in Shanghai, valued by GVS, through an external appraisal, for around16.6 million euros).

In 2020, STT achieved earnings of 178 million RMB (roughly24.7 million euros) and acclimated EBITDA of21.4 million RMB (roughly3.2 million euros).

GVS is active in the force of filtering results for operations in the healthcare & life lores, energy & mobility and health & safety sectors. In addition to the commercial headquarters in Bologna, the group presently has fifteen manufactories in Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, China, Mexico, Romania and Puerto Rico and eighteen deals services around the world. In the time ended December 31, 2020, GVS recorded earnings from contracts with guests of 363 million and a regularized ebitda of 144 million.

The counsels

The White & Case law establishment supported GVS as legal counsel with an in- house legal platoon coordinated by the group general counsel Rozemaria Bala. Also present were the mates Leonardo Graffi and Piero de Mattia (from the Milan office), Vivian Tsoi and Alex Z. (from the Shanghai office), together with the associates Alessandro Paccoi (from the Milan office), Charlie Zhu and Rita Li (from the Shanghai office). KPMG holds the part of tax and account adviser .


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