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Techdow Pharma - Chinese Pharma in Italy

The first Chinese "Big Pharma" in Italy.

Techdow Pharma, is a world leader in the production of heparins (anticoagulants) and the first Eastern multinational to have obtained authorization for the sale of its drugs on the European market, as well as obtaining certifications.

Techdow Pharma is Already arrived in Great Britain, Germany and Poland.

Its headquarters is in Assago, Milan.

The goal is to market the product and at lower prices. 

Founded in 2004, Techdow is part of the Hepalink holding, a solid industrial group with 20 years of history and dedicated to innovation and commitment to research and development, since it was listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange in 2010.

In Europe the company it already has its own marketing and sales facilities.

Now it aims to conquer a market share of over 30% with its enoxaparina, 3 years after its launch, to reach 50% within the first 5 years. In Italy too, the growth objectives are very ambitious: to acquire at least 12-15% of the active ingredient market in 2018, helping to generate savings which, according to forecasts, could reach almost 27 million euros in the first 3 years.

"Techdow proposes itself as a partner of doctors, regions and patients, for a sustainable choice", adds Giorgio Foresti because in our country, the company not only sees a further outlet for sales, but a strategic place to implement a path of increasing investments . We are talking about about 5 million euros in 2018; 8 in 2019 to reach 12 in 2020. Added to this is the interest in the wealth of skills and know-how represented by the Italian pharmaceutical sector, with a view to future acquisitions. "May research become its core business recent acquisitions, two in the United States and one in Great Britain, also demonstrate this.

In addition to the commitment to R&D and the development of quality assurance systems, Techdow is characterized by an excellent industrialization capacity and the use of cutting-edge production technologies, based on the use of made in Italy machinery for packaging. at high speed of pre-filled syringes. Born in Shenzhen, the holding's stock market price is 2.5 billion dollars, while Tecdow's turnover reaches 250 million. But that of equivalent biopharmaceuticals is a constantly growing market.


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