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What is a CTU

A "Consulente Tecnico d'Ufficio" (CTU) is an Italian legal term that translates to "Technical Consultant of the Court" in English.

A CTU is a technical expert appointed by a judge or prosecutor to provide technical or scientific expertise in legal proceedings. This expert can be a professional with specific technical skills or knowledge in a particular field, such as engineering, accounting, medicine, or other technical disciplines.

The CTU's role is to provide an impartial and objective opinion based on their technical expertise to the court. The CTU is required to evaluate technical or scientific evidence and provide an expert opinion on the matter in question. The CTU can also assist the judge in interpreting technical documentation or data related to the case.

In Italian legal proceedings, CTUs are often appointed in civil or criminal cases, such as those involving intellectual property disputes, construction disputes, medical malpractice, or environmental damages. The CTU plays an important role in ensuring that technical or scientific evidence is correctly evaluated and understood by the court.

The most frequent CTUs used by Chinese citizens are in linguistic CTU in acts of property acquisition and new company registrations with the assistance of a Italian Notary.


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