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  • Chinse Business in Italy - 2021 Report

    confirms the great involvement of the female component in the labor market: women cover a share equal to 46.6% concentration in the provinces of Milan (11.2%), Prato (10.2%), Florence (7.6%), Rome (6.7%) and Naples (4.9% born in China is - as for all non-EU citizens - Commerce with an incidence of about 36% (compared to 42.2%

  • Chinese population in Italy

    contribution are way under the tax consumption for retirement and it will be so for at least other 40

  • Italian population will drop by 11.5 million in the next 50 years

    population will fall from 59.2 million on January 1, 2021, to 57.9 million in 2030, 54.2 million in 2050 and 47.7

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