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  • New mineral on Moon - China

    Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology from surface samples returned by the country's Chang'e 5 He said the history of the place where the Chang'e 5 probe landed and collected the samples is much younger content and traits of helium-3, an ideal fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants, from the Chang'e 5 One of the world's most notable space activities in 2020, the 23-day Chang'e 5 robotic mission was China's The China National Space Administration distributed the first batch of Chang'e 5 lunar samples in July

  • Techdow Pharma - Chinese Pharma in Italy

    aims to conquer a market share of over 30% with its enoxaparina, 3 years after its launch, to reach 50% within the first 5 years. We are talking about about 5 million euros in 2018; 8 in 2019 to reach 12 in 2020.

  • Chinese population in Italy

    Politics and Labor Ministry, there is 279.728 Chinese residents with regular permit living in Italy. 50.3% equality. 65.3% of total Italian-Chinese are permanent residents, it means they are in Italy for more than 5 For remaining 34.7% in title of short term resident permit, more than 58.5% are active workforce, 33.2% On total credit asked by Chinese people are 59% aim to buy house and commercial real estates, 31% for National observatory on immigrant financial data ABI and BancoPosta Activity Chinese people in Italy are 54.1%


    into account: 9% registration tax that is payable for the registration of a public or private deed; 50 euro of mortgage tax, which has as its object the transfer of real estate; 50 euros of cadastral tax The taxation on the second unleased house also provides for the payment of an Irpef tax equal to 50%  of the cadastral income, revalued by 5% and increased by a third, only if the unleased property is in

  • Beijing buys Italian helicopters

    recorded revenues of 175.3 billion Yuan (approximately 25 billion euros), ranking 25th among the top 500 official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, according to which Duofu Aviation aims to invest 5

  • Italian population will drop by 11.5 million in the next 50 years

    The Italian resident population will fall from 59.2 million on January 1, 2021, to 57.9 million in 2030 , 54.2 million in 2050 and 47.7 million in 2070, a decrease of 11.5 million over the next 50 years, the

  • BOOM of Coffee export to China

    China has imported 5,879.34 tons of Ethiopian coffee in the past ten months, allowing the East African

  • Giorgio Morandi's exhibition in Shanghai

    The exhibition, curated by the art historian Stefano Zuffi, exhibits 51 works by the Italian painter, 10s to the 20s of the last century), the apex (from the 30s to the 40s) and the twilight (from the 50s

  • Buying commercial real estate in Italy: expenses and taxes

    In this case the registration tax is equal to 9% , the mortgage and cadastral tax are 50 euros , while In this case the registration tax amounts to 200 euros , the mortgage and cadastral tax are 50 euros

  • Export Products Rank - Italy to China

    TOP 50 BY TOTALE $ TRADE Packaged Medicaments 984798100 Valves 517733918 Trunks and Cases 507465246

  • Italian exports to China: structural shifts

    countries, has set a target to convert 30% of freight traffic over 300 kilometers to rail by 2030 and 50%

  • Export, the China 2020 Report presented in Bologna Area

    Regional imports from China are also mainly concentrated on mechanical production (51%) with an important Relations between Emilia-Romagna and China The 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations between

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