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  • Giorgio Morandi's exhibition in Shanghai

    art historian Stefano Zuffi, exhibits 51 works by the Italian painter, including 39 oil paintings, 6 the 20s of the last century), the apex (from the 30s to the 40s) and the twilight (from the 50s to 60

  • Brembo JV with the Chinese Gold Phoenix

    Phoenix Shandong Gold Phoenix is ​​a Chinese company, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since April 6, Today the company has an offer of over 6,000 brake pads and shoes and more than 4,300 brake discs.


    lines (including discs and systems) and the foundry, it will be able to produce an output of about 6 From 67 production lines covering the machining of brake calipers and steering knuckles to casting, the

  • Export, the China 2020 Report presented in Bologna Area

    Emilian-Romagna exports to China Mechanical production alone accounted for 62% of the total , followed important specific sectors we find first and foremost machines for general use , which alone recorded 612 bilateral diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and Italy will be celebrated on 6

  • Alpi Aviation Military Drone with China

    The Gdf denounced 6 managers (3 Italians and 3 Chinese). All the details.

  • Relations between China and Italy

    On November 6, 1970, the two countries formally established diplomatic relations.

  • BOOM of Coffee export to China

    Debela said the country sold 60% of its coffee at agreed prices, with the rest being sold at the New good market trend suggests that Ethiopia, as Africa's largest coffee producer, could export another 68,000

  • Fila - Reborn in China

    market has increased from 79 billion yuan in 2007 to 371.8 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to reach 600

  • Brembo Buys Chinese Asimco Limited

    In 2016, Brembo acquired a 66% stake in ASIMCO Meilian Brake System Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that turnover in 2018 was 78.5 million euros and at the end of 2018, the number of active employees was 670

  • Export Products Rank - Italy to China

    73822375 Liquid Fuel Furnaces 71541450 Metalworking Transfer Machines 70004219 Locomotive Parts 69646806 Non-Knit Men's Suits 69166347

  • Italian exports to China: structural shifts

    Gross domestic product is expected to recover by 6.3%, based on data at the end of 2021.

  • Flamma Group, back from China

    The operation made it possible to save all 62 jobs that had been endangered by the crisis experienced It has a production capacity of 600 cubic meters of reaction and is able to recover 95% of the solvents

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