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For Companies

Local CPAs, Lawyer, Notaries and other experts at your service.

Buy a Local Company

- Market and Strategy research;

- Target company search, reach-out

- Preliminary assessment;

- intent exploration and confirmation;

- Financial, Legal and Business due diligence;

- Official valuation;

- Negotiation an agreement draft;

- Contract and transaction completion;

- Integration of resources. ​

Local Tax Assistance

With local CPAs we fulfill VAT and other local duties. We provide also international trade tax assistance such as One-Stop-Shop VAT duties, Import-Export Customhouse fulfillments, company income tax report. etc. 

Local Management Assistance

Keep your oversea establishments on track, we assist your local director on planning, execution and reporting or directly provide a controller reporting to the headquarter.  

New Company SetUp

With assistance of our CPAs, Lawyers and Notaries we set a local company controlled buy your entity. Is not needed your physical presence in Europe, the procedure can be done via delegation and consulate officials. 

It requires normally 5 works days for a Limited Company if all documentation are well prepared. 

Local HR Assistance

With local Labor Law Experts and Accountants we provide paycheck production, mandatory social security contributions & TFR calculation and fulfillments and other local labor related tasks. We also research the local work market for new hiring.

Local Legal Assistance

EEA / UKCA / EU-BattG / VerpackG 

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中国意大利欧盟国旗    ALEX Z WU 提供 2 .jpg
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Dott. Alessandro Z. Wu

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