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For attorneys and lawyers

Almost all legal interpreters in Italy and in China works with us. With all possible habilitation we can serve the full spectrum of legal cases with you, including criminal law. 

Project Management

In order to serve your International Customer, we assist you from the customer first engagement until the end of  each project. We co-participate  meetings, make multilingual communication, gather documents, translate papers, research, suggest solutions and keep all parts on accountable. 

Delegation to local attorneys

Your need to defend your client on a foreign court, you need some thing to be done in another country. We can find the right colleague for you. Even if in the destination country has no attorney speaking any of your languages.

Multilingual Contracts

Make a contract in Multilanguage implies more possibilities for both parts to defend their right. Is no Italian judge will ever pronounce on a Mandarin contract based litigation.  

Document Legalization

A foreign evidence in order to gain validity, it must be translated and legalized/certified/apostilled according law. This is necessary for producing documents to all public officials.

All certified translator are in our cooperation network, so don't hesitate to contact us. 

Foreign Intellectual Property

I.P. registered according to international law in not protected as expected, indeed to often at the end you lose the case. Especially in China. Because you didn't go through the local governments procedure. Please if you want to be protected in a country, follow the local legislation.   

Crime Linguistic Assistance

Foreign people needing for crime law assistance is a niche market to be. Often customers are not fluent. So a linguistic mediation is needed. Also we are the only Professional Prison Linguistic Mediator in Italy.  

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中国意大利欧盟国旗    ALEX Z WU 提供 2 .jpg
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Dott. Alessandro Z. Wu

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