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Join team ChinaBridge

Here is why you should join Team ChinaBridge:

  • You can demonstrate your real value to the market (and not to your department boss);

  • You gain extraordinary leadership experience and accelerate your personal-professional growth;

  • You connect and work with mindful professionals, entrepreneurs and executives;

  • You bond with potential business partner from all over the world and evaluate them directly seeing their behaviors in various ChinaBridge projects.


We are always looking for skilled entrepreneurial people to build and execute together the Big Plan.

Now you see only a fraction of what we are building. We are creating a future in which entrepreneurs meet, work and live business relationships with oversea professional (advisors, lawyers, accountants, head hunters) through ChinaBridge’s Technology.

We are a Lean Start-up, ChinaBridge’s Business Model has been improved twice from its initial conception. We think and develop hypothesis together, we test it on the market, we receive a feedback and we improve.

Be a founder of ChinaBridge, Join us now.

Marketing & Sales

Thanks to you, the team will have air to breath and blood to circulate. This is a important role.  

Franchise Development

To build an International franchise we need a skilled Franchise Developer. Are you the one?

Deals & Advisory

You can serve customers with specialized knowledge? Show me how strong you are in selling your expertise.

Finance Planing & Execution (CFO)

Internal and External Funding management. This is a position with big influence on our organization.

Talent Recruitment

Head Hunting and Talent Farming, all competiotion at the end is talent conpetition. We count on you. 

IT Development 


You will be leading IT team to develop our core technology: Data screening and organizing algorithm.

Business Developer

You love building teams and leading them to realizze success? This role is for you, future leader! 

Team Culture & Membership

Internal & External Culture Manager. Influence us with positive and enthusiastic vibe. 

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