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Milan, Italy

We  buy and sell hotels.

We share projects, you participate.

We do transaction period management. (1 - 5 years)

We franchise hotels.

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Hotel Bonola

Via Ugo Betti 69,
Bonola, Milan


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Hotel 4 Stars

Loreto Subway M1 / M2, Milan

120 Rooms

30 Parking slot

18.5 Mln Euro

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Hotel 3 Stars

Turro M1, Milan

30 Rooms

8 Parking slot

8 Mln Euro

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Hotel 3 Stars

Caiazzo M3, Milan

65 Rooms

NO Parking slot

16.5 Mln Euro

Enter in 
our group

Here is our partial and total formula for Affiliation,

you keep the ownership of business and the real state, we serve what you choose. 

In all partial affiliation we guarantee +15% extra revenue per year minimum. 

In Full-affiliation we guarantee +30% extra revenue per year minimum.

Application requirement:

- Rooms nr. above 40;

- Have parking slots;

- Annual occupation rate < 80%;

- Sited in Italy if you choose Full-Affiliation;

- Sited in a City with population > 1mln people;

- Liquidity > 1 month of your own annual revenue.

Graphic Shapes

Google Business

Google Advertising

Google SEO

Taylor Made WebSite

E-POS Cash-in

Optimization vs OTA

Optimization in OTA

Digital Formation

Digital Transformation

€18.000 / annuo

Abstract Shapes

All previous combined


Selling your room on

GDS & our OTAs

Public Endorsement for SEO

€30.000 / year

Graphic Shapes

Customer Route Design

Pricing & Revenue Mgmt

New Sales Pitches

Local Tour Operator

Other Local Partnership

Group Revenue

Staff Training

€10.000 / annuo

Abstract Shapes


 Senior Staff Placement

Assigned Director


€150.000 / year

Graphic Shapes

Staff Responsabilisation

Staff KPI Design


Markrting Training

Sales Trainging

Revenue Mngt

€10.000 / year

your hotels

You need time to expand your other businesses? 

You are retiring, but want to keep your asset productive? 

You are unsatisfied of current productivity of your staff? 

You deserve a well trained operational team. 

Outsource your reception to CP HOTELS™ you can have the best multilingual receptionist, able to up-sale and cross-sale anything and manage your revenues while increasing your sales volume and average room price.  

Hotel Reception
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