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For Governments

Our network assisted many bilateral meeting between China and European Governments.

We also provide service to all local ministry, courts, police force and other public departments.  

Real Time Interpretation

During a diplomatic meeting, even if both part has a common spoken language, they choose this service. Many "hard" massages can be "soften" during the communication and it gives both politicians to elaborate and return an appropriate reaction.  

International Crime Fighting

The joint mission of Chinese and Local Police Force are increased remarkably. Since there is only one Mandarin speaking person in Italy, we are often asked to support those operations. 

Other Diplomatic Relevant 

We support the organizer and participant entities in many relevant diplomatic events:


- EXPO 2020/2021 

- Olympic Games Beijing 2022

- Innovation Week 11th Ed.

- ...

Memorandum & Agreements

All terms are carefully selected and sharply written down. This is the starting point of all following smaller political decision.   

Agreement execution check 

Like the controllers in corporates, the execution of political agreements kept accountable by an appropriate committee. When is asked, we participate.    

International Court Mediation

As the same work we deliver in the Italian court, we are allow to participate as impartial or partisan Linguistic Mediator.  

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中国意大利欧盟国旗    ALEX Z WU 提供 2 .jpg
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Dott. Alessandro Z. Wu

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