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For CPAs and Expert Accountant

Our network includes CPAs and Expert Accountant. Not all of them speaks Chinese, so each of them are supported by a trilingual economics graduate in order to serve at the best the foreign client portfolio. If needed, we can employ colleagues from Deloitte, EY and KPMG. 

Customer Engagement

In order to serve your International Customer, we assist you from the customer first engagement. We co-participate meetings and clarify the customer need. After you start to work for that client, until the end of your charge, we are at your service. 

Basic Consulting Delegation

The most time consuming task with foreign clients are explaining basic tax and legal knowledge. We filter all questions and answer them for you. So your team can focus on the core activity.

Audit Assistance

No need to explain how a multilingual legal, tax and management consultant  is useful in your team for auditing and in due diligence. 

New Company SetUp

Normally a new client means a new company. Often the legal representative of the headquarter will not come in your country. Or they will allocate a limited time frame in which your employee should guide them through the all necessary duties. We can do it for you, since is our routine task and we are quite expert in this. So you don't risk to make mistakes on paper works or put your client on immigration law problems. 

Financial Statements Certific.

For public officer, the financial statement in a different language needs to be translated and certified. 

Certification Assistance

EEA / UKCA / EU-BattG / VerpackG 

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中国意大利欧盟国旗    ALEX Z WU 提供 2 .jpg
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Dott. Alessandro Z. Wu

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