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  • Tencent

    Aggiornato a settembre 2021, le partecipazioni azionarie di Tencent possono variare nel tempo a causa

  • 意大利进口税类型

    增值税税率在意大利通常为22%,但也有一些商品享受较低的税率,如食品和书籍等。 消费税(Imposta sui Consumi):消费税适用于特定商品和服务,如烟草、酒精饮料、汽车、燃油等。

  • DJI a global leader in drone technology

    In 2017, the Italian army banned the use of DJI drones due to concerns over potential security risks.

  • Chinese residents in Italy

    As of 2022, it is estimated that there are approximately 320,000 Chinese residents in Italy, making them

  • New mineral on Moon - China

    It is estimated there are 15 to 20 metric tons of helium-3 on Earth that can be exploited by humankind One of the world's most notable space activities in 2020, the 23-day Chang'e 5 robotic mission was China's It was the world's third spacecraft to touch down on the lunar surface in the 21st century after its China National Space Administration distributed the first batch of Chang'e 5 lunar samples in July 2021 The samples, weighing about 17.5 grams, were divided into 21 lots and handed over to scientists from

  • China welcomes world's scientists to collaborate in lunar exploration

    This particular instrument we have been developing since 2015, and before that we had much fruitful collaboration

  • BOOM of Coffee export to China

    the eighth importer of Ethiopian coffee in the first ten months of the current Ethiopian fiscal year 2021 /2022 (started July 8, 2021). of coffee to China," said Debela who added: "'the Ethiopia has earned $ 1.014 billion from exporting 232,000 Last year, Addis Ababa planned to earn $ 810 million by exporting 220,000 tons of coffee in ten months Earning over $ 1.014 billion and exporting 232,000 tons of merchandise, with an increase in both export

  • Fila - Reborn in China

    sportswear brand has taken on a new lease of life in China, with operating revenues reaching a record 21.82 billion yuan (approximately 3.37 billion dollars). ) in 2021, according to the company's financial statements.The industrial chain have allowed Fila to go from being a loss-making brand to one with a turnover of more than 20 In 2009, leading Chinese sportswear company Anta Sports acquired the Fila Group franchise brands in mainland to 371.8 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to reach 600 billion yuan. in 2026.


    From April to June 202, the automaker delivered 490,000 fewer passenger cars, or 16% less than the previous previous year's level in terms of sales, with 100,000 units sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2022

  • Stevanato Group will construct a manufacturing center in China

    for the construction of a new facility, where the Company plans to begin renovations in the spring of 2022 The Company is expected to employ approximately 270 people in the Chinese hub.  in early 2024. This plant is expected to nearly double current production capacities by the end of 2024. Source: Piombino Dese (PD), Italy - March 10, 2022 - Stevanato Group

  • China Approves Italian Drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosi

    caregivers and people with ALS who have relied on riluzole as a standard of therapy to slow progression for 20 From: 15 Jun 2022 - Tecnomedicina

  • Buying commercial real estate in Italy: expenses and taxes

    In this case the registration tax amounts to 200 euros , the mortgage and cadastral tax are 50 euros each and the VAT is 22%.

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