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Buying a second home can be quite a burdensome commitment. The tax burden is higher than buying a first home. Furthermore, there are no bonuses or advantageous conditions. Instead, there are taxes, expenses and other maintenance charges.

How to calculate the purchase costs of the second home In the case of a mortgage, the interest on the installments is higher than for the purchase of the first home. Then you need to calculate the taxes: In case of purchase by a private individual, the payment of the following taxes must be taken into account:

  • 9% registration tax that is payable for the registration of a public or private deed;

  • 50 euro of mortgage tax, which has as its object the transfer of real estate;

  • 50 euros of cadastral tax which is due on cadastral transfers for the transfer of properties.

If the buyer of the second home is a business, for example a building builder subject to VAT, the taxes will be as follows:

  • 10% VAT or 22% VAT if it refers to stately homes or houses in villas or castles and palaces of great historical and artistic value;

  • 200 euros of registration tax;

  • 200 euros of mortgage tax;

  • 200 euros of cadastral tax.

In the case of a stately home, villa, castle or building of great historical and artistic value, the fee of the technician who draws up the report must also be included (approximately 100 euros).

Therefore, assuming the purchase of a second home at the price of 200,000 euros, the calculation will be as follows: 

200,000 x 10/100 which will be equal to 20,000 to which, as we said before, 2 00 euros of registration tax plus 200 will be added euro of cadastral tax plus 200 euro of mortgage tax. Annual property taxation Unlike the first houses, the second houses are subject to the payment of the IMU (Single Municipal Tax). 

The basic IMU rate is 0.76%, with the possibility for municipalities to vary it between 0.46% and 1.06%.

The TASI must be included in the list of expenses, with a basic rate of 0.1%. The Municipality where the property falls, however, can increase or reset the rate based on the needs and economic needs of the entity. 

The calculation of the TASI also depends on the cadastral category to which the property belongs and its cadastral value.

How much does the second home affect the tax return?

In the tax returns, all the properties owned and those that are registered in the cadastre of the taxpayer must be included.

Therefore, the list of expenses for the second home does not end here. 

The taxation on the second unleased house also provides for the payment of an Irpef tax equal to 50% of the cadastral income, revalued by 5% and increased by a third, only if the unleased property is in the same municipality in which the owner has also the building used as a main residence.


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