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  • Brembo Buys Chinese Asimco Limited

    In 2016, Brembo acquired a 66% stake in ASIMCO Meilian Brake System Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that The company's turnover in 2018 was 78.5 million euros and at the end of 2018, the number of active employees

  • Brembo JV with the Chinese Gold Phoenix

    In 2020, there were more than 1.23 billion vehicles in circulation globally, explains a note from the According to Brembo 's estimates based on IHS Markit data, this number will grow by over 10% by 2026 and by over 18% by 2030, reaching approximately 1.46 billion units. Revenue in 2021 was $ 218.5 million. /07/2022 by Francesco Berto Lino

  • Export Products Rank - Italy to China

    and Bottling Machines 331194426 Other Furniture 322818157 Reaction and Catalytic Products 299650368 Liquid Pumps 261495463 Leather Footwear 254334887 Gas Turbines 245172743 Air Pumps 200706936

  • Italian exports to China: structural shifts

    China is one of the EU's main partners and will become the EU's largest trading partner in 2020. Similar to other EU countries, Italy has a trade deficit with China: about 19.4 billion euros in 2020 , 18.5 billion euros in January-October 2021 (17 billion in the same period last year) EUR). Gross domestic product is expected to recover by 6.3%, based on data at the end of 2021. and 50% by 2050.

  • Flamma Group, back from China

    In the early 2000s Flamma relocated from Bergamo to Dalian - Liaoning - province of China. group that returns from China to Italy, without however abandoning the Asian market. source: 08/09/2022

  • Techdow Pharma - Chinese Pharma in Italy

    Founded in 2004, Techdow is part of the Hepalink holding, a solid industrial group with 20 years of history growth objectives are very ambitious: to acquire at least 12-15% of the active ingredient market in 2018 , helping to generate savings which, according to forecasts, could reach almost 27 million euros in the We are talking about about 5 million euros in 2018; 8 in 2019 to reach 12 in 2020. 250 million.

  • GVS Group buys a Shanghai Company

    In 2020, STT achieved earnings of 178 million RMB (roughly24.7 million euros) and acclimated EBITDA of21.4 In the time ended December 31, 2020, GVS recorded earnings from contracts with guests of 363 million

  • Mario Draghi on Chinese Buying hitech patents.

    protects companies or technologies that are considered strategic for the country was introduced, in 2012 In 2019 there were 83, last time 500 Italian companies asked for a" permit" to enter into agreements

  • STOP Acquisition. New rules coming for Chinese company buying Italian Companies

    In 2021 the government was forced to dissect 496 cases to cover Italian companies from possible accession An action allowed by the so- called Golden Power, a package of special powers that since 2012 allows relation to companies in the defense, public security, energy, transport and dispatches sectors; also the 2021 On March 31, 2021, the Draghi government blocked the attempted accession of the state- possessed Shenzhen cases the simplified procedure was touched off because they wereintra-group deals and eventually in 26

  • Alpi Aviation Military Drone with China

    export to China of a military UAV for over a year for the "International Import Fair in Shanghai" (in 2019 OF TWO CHINESE GOVERNMENT COMPANIES Successful investigations have ascertained that the company, in 2018 The company has 25 employees.  in 2018). in 2018). 

  • Beijing buys Italian helicopters

    Famà Helicopters is a family-run company founded in 2009, known in the sector for the production of light helicopters, such as the twin-engine Kiss 209M. Duofu Group, the website reads, was founded in 2003, has its headquarters in Beijing and Hangzhou and In 2019 it recorded revenues of 175.3 billion Yuan (approximately 25 billion euros), ranking 25th among Source: Di Francesco Bechis | 30/06/2022 -

  • Clean Energy - Italian media's Opinion

    And domination can allow the country to dictate the rules of the sector 02 JULY 2022 From 2035, no more petrol or diesel, Europe has decided. Polysilicone, which is the basic material of the panels: in 2010 China controlled 42 percent of its production Wafers, the layers in which the polysilicone is placed: between 2010 and 2021, from 78 to 98 percent. Between 2021 and 2025, the share of Chinese companies in the global battery market will remain virtually

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