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  • Techdow Pharma - Chinese Pharma in Italy

    In Italy too, the growth objectives are very ambitious: to acquire at least 12-15% of the active ingredient We are talking about about 5 million euros in 2018; 8 in 2019 to reach 12 in 2020.

  • GVS Group buys a Shanghai Company

    The dealer has granted Stt a loan of roughly RMB 70 million(roughly€ 10 million), which will be repaid In 2020, STT achieved earnings of 178 million RMB (roughly24.7 million euros) and acclimated EBITDA of21.4 , 2020, GVS recorded earnings from contracts with guests of 363 million and a regularized ebitda of 144

  • Export, the China 2020 Report presented in Bologna Area

    regional exports to China in 2019 grew by 49.5% compared to 2010, while imports from China only grew by 10% to China Mechanical production alone accounted for 62% of the total , followed by the fashion chain (16% Other important sectors, with exports worth more than 100 million, include Motor Vehicles (188) and medicines and pharmaceutical preparations (119), two leading sectors of Emilia-Romagna. Emilia-Romagna from China are over 70, for a total of about 2,600 employees and an aggregate turnover of 1.4

  • Mario Draghi on Chinese Buying hitech patents.

    these six, five have been carried out by the government of Mario Draghi, which took office on February 13 The disquisition began in the fall and the decision came on March 10.

  • STOP Acquisition. New rules coming for Chinese company buying Italian Companies

    Foggia and at Luiss. 86% of announcementsrelated to the energy, transport and dispatchessectors, while 10% mobile. also out of the 496 cases exposed, 277 didn't fall within the range of action of the law, in 108

  • Alpi Aviation Military Drone with China

    WHAT ALPI AVIATION SRL DOES As defined on its website, “since 1999 Alpi Aviation has been a point of The company has sold over 1,000 Alpi Aviation aircraft, with thousands of flight hours, in 31 countries is 75% controlled by Mars (HK) information technology co., Limited with headquarters in Hong Kong. 16

  • Beijing buys Italian helicopters

    In 2019 it recorded revenues of 175.3 billion Yuan (approximately 25 billion euros), ranking 25th among adds, by 2027 China will have a fleet of more than 3,500 civilian helicopters with a market value of 14.4

  • Clean Energy - Italian media's Opinion

    cobalt, are raising on the financial markets, to a large extent. from Western investors, at least $ 10 In Europe, it goes up to 120 dollars.

  • Chinse Business in Italy - 2021 Report

    fact, there are 52,534 owners of individual enterprises of Chinese origin as of 31 December 2020, or 13.4% of non-EU entrepreneurs in Italy, a number down 1.4% compared to 2019; in 2021 the negative trend continues , compared with 1.4% for the number of entrepreneurs. In particular, the provincial detail highlights the concentration in the provinces of Milan (11.2%), Prato (10.2%), Florence (7.6%), Rome (6.7%) and Naples (4.9%) ).

  • Chinese population in Italy

    Chinese people are 59% aim to buy house and commercial real estates, 31% for business credit and only 10%

  • Italy set aside $4.4 billion to boost semiconductor industry

    As part of the decree, the Italian government approved a new funding plan to invest 150 million euros

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